Terms and Conditions

Fostergraphs created this site after numerous requests from fellow artists for a place where they could display their works and make prints readily available to their clients without the pain and suffering of taking time away from their art to create and manage their own website. Because we have been providing fine art reproductions to discerning artists for a number of years, it just seemed like the next thing to offer. We hope you will enjoy the features and tools that Fostergraphs has to offer.

Why Fostergraphs? We insure that each reproduction is custom printed, one at a time with calibrated consistency making sure your finished product is of the highest quality.

In order for Fostergraphs to provide your web space free of charge, we require a 10% commission on each reproduction sale you make. Since you determine the actual sale price of your reproductions, you can simply adjust your prices to offset the maintenance commission.

In addition, we will charge you the normal cost for the type of reproduction chosen by the client. The shipping and packing charges will be added to your sale price and retained by Fostergraphs to cover the cost of packing and shipping the artwork to your client.

When a client chooses one of your reproductions and completes a sales transaction, both Fostergraphs and you, the artist, will be notified of the transaction and you will be credited for the sale less costs and commission. On a monthly basis you will receive your funds via check or electronic transfer as determined by you.

Fostergraphs reserves the right to adjust these terms as it becomes necessary and will notify you of any changes that must take effect via your provided email address.