Archival Prints

"Archival-Prints" are Museum-quality Fine-Art reproductions. Sometimes called "Giclee Prints", these artworks are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using the very finest archival inks and papers. They are truly "Museum-quality Fine-Art reproductions" with a life span of many years.

Archival-Prints are made with a couple of different kinds of paper. The Cotton Etching is the ideal surface for reproducing oil paintings or photo images. It provides a smooth yet rich and accurate color rendition. If you prefer a watercolor look, Textured Fine Art paper offers the look and feel of an original water color. The heavy weight of the paper is ideal. These art prints have not only the look, but also the heavyweight "feel" of fine-art prints.

This type of media is among the most accurate, most archival prints available anywhere. Archival-Prints are beautiful reproductions that will look as rich and vibrant to your great grandchildren as they will to you. We are delighted to offer you these professional options to you at this time!

It is highly recommended that ALL artwork, prints and originals, be kept away from direct sunlight; harsh UV rays will quickly bleach even the very finest oil paintings over time, this is why they use dim lights in museums.

Our Fine Art prints start at $ 22.75 for a 11 x 16. We can offer sizes up to 40 x 60 as well as custom sizes anywhere in between. Please contact us for your specific needs.